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The Caddycan is A Great Asset For You

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
The Caddycan is A Great Asset For You

We have added a new Collection called Caddycan to our product lines. They are extremely helpful in any type of outdoor activity that you do. Caddycan can be used for trash collection and/or other goods when needed. They have velcro strapping to mount and attach to various bases, plus a handy carrying strap for convenience. Caddycan comes in several colors and sizes to fit your needs. They also float if you are in or near the water. One son already has his picked out to attach to his kayak. A well made product that is very versatile and useful!

With summer heating up, our Sunshades are still a great item for anyone who spends time out in the summer sun. Easy and quick to put up, they are a real asset for you and yours.

Summer is almost half over, get out in Nature as soon as you can, as often as you can. Be safe and enjoy the Great Outdoors!


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