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Summer of 2021 Is In Full Swing

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Summer of 2021 Is In Full Swing

After such a long time of isolation for most of us it's even more important to get outside and Enjoy! Summer is in full Swing and we hope you are hiking, camping, or biking at every opportunity.  We wait for a better time, a better financial position, better weather, etc. to push back your next adventure. Before you know it 6 months has went by if not a year. Our lives are so busy in today's society that we have to plan to take a break. Commitments are important but so is down time with those most important to you. Take time this summer to be outside and give your Spirit a lift! It needs to be more than once a year, it needs to be as often as possible.

If you have younger children or grandchildren check out our friends at Big Hearts Tiny Spaces on the web and Instagram. They have several wonderful suggestions on camping, hiking, being outdoors with the wee ones. Embrace your "Friluftsliv" spirit and let your Spirit soar!

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