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Taking our furry friends camping and hiking

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Taking our furry friends camping and hiking

There is a long running discussion on taking animals camping and hiking on family adventures. It's wonderful to include everyone on the journey but it comes with added preparations and responsibilities.

Dogs are the usual addition on these trips. They love to be out in nature as much as we do, if not more. If you plan on taking your furry friends on the next adventure here are a few suggestions to consider.

One, check on the local regulations for the site or area you are planning to be at. Do they have a leash code? Is there a limit on how many you can bring there? Do you need a copy of their shot record? Are there certain breeds of dogs that are not allowed? Be familiar with their rules and regulations so there isn't any  problem for you or your pet.

Two, make sure you have a spare collar and leash. If the one you are using breaks or gets destroyed there won't be an issue or a trip to the closest store. 

Three, please pack plenty of food and drink for our furry friends. Being out in nature with the fresh air and extra exercise may increase their appetite and thirst. You will also need to have an enclosed food container to keep out the local wildlife. Their food and water bowls should be the type that can be easily cleaned that way they can be stored with the rest of the gear and be ready for the next quest.

Next, make sure they have a safe place to rest and sleep. Usually they sleep in the tents with their people but not always. You may need to bring their crates for safety needs or local regulations.

The last suggestion is to give them a bath once you are back home. A bath will help to ensure they don't have any extra pests in their coat, in your house, or in your yard.

There are several other suggestions we could make but we will save those for another day. Taking your dog is fun and exciting for all, you just need to be prepared. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather and the colorful picturesque season that is fall!


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