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Chilly Days and Colder Nights

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Chilly Days and Colder Nights

We are coming to that time of year when going hiking and camping requires a few more items. The days are getting chillier and the nights are definitely colder. Camping Outdoors LLC offers sleeping bags that are designed to keep you warm during those colder nights. Take a moment and see which one works for you! 

We also have our Bug Out Packs and our Get Home Packs for those who love to hike the trails when it's not so warm outside. They will help you get there safely!

The leaves are turning colors and it won't be long before they are gone so try to schedule a camping adventure before the Holidays and deep cold appear. Don't forget to use our all natural Bug Rub because even with the leaves falling you will still need protection.

In our high tech world we still need to take the time to unplug and relax. Some people use yoga or meditation but there are several of us that still love the Great Outdoors. For us, it is the absolute best place to unplug, unwind, and destress. Don't skip those opportunities just because the temperature has dropped down. Layer your clothes, pack your new cold weather sleep bag, and head out.

Don't miss the chance to nurture your spirit and experience your next Great Adventure! 

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