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Having A Good Time . . .

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Having A Good Time . . .

Having a good time during these pandemic days is usually much harder to accomplish than before. There are Zoom meetings, working and parenting simultaneously at home, virtual graduations, and so many different realities that didn't even exist a year ago. Change can be difficult but total society changes are monumental and take a toll. In so many countries across our planet there is no normal or a "new" normal which leads to frustration, stress, and worse.

There are different answers to these challenges and each one of us must find our path to move forward. One of the best answers I have seen is more family time together. Watching families walking, hiking, biking, and yes, camping together is wonderful! Fresh air, exercise, and engaging in direct conversations with each other relieves stress and frustration. Your mind and body relaxes and your spirit revives. Enjoying the wonderful Outdoors is one of the best ways to "cope" with whatever your new normal might be. We hope you will start hiking, walking, or camping soon and let the good times return!

We will be adding new equipment and supplies to our collections soon so check our website often. 

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