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Fabulous Fall & the Hunting Backpack of the Season

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Fabulous Fall & the Hunting Backpack of the Season

It is one of my favorite times of year-Fabulous Fall! The leaves are turning amazing colors, the air is crisper, and the days are cooler. Getting outside in nature is the best way to celebrate this wonderful time of year! I feel my "Friluftsliv" spirit awaken and my stress melt away every time I am out in Nature. We hope you are camping, hiking, or biking during this colorful season. A special thanks to Karen H. for this gorgeous picture!

We also want to call your attention to one of our best products for the hunting season, the Hunting Pack 3400cu. It is a silent frame hunting backpack for bow/rifle/pistol season. The pack is lightweight and comfortable for those long hikes to your site. We have sold several and our feedback is extremely positive. Check them out in our collections.

Whatever your passion is in the "Great Outdoors", we hope you don't waste a minute of this gorgeous time for your next adventure!


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