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Extra careful during Hunting Season

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Extra careful during Hunting Season

It is hunting season, bow, black powder, and gun, in many places so please be extra careful where you hike or camp. Layer your clothing to deal with the wide temperature variances during the day. Make sure to wear bright colors, especially orange, to help protect yourself and your group during this time.

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Thanksgiving is next week and in this unusual year there are still so many things to be thankful for. Looking at the positive side of your life may take work sometimes but it is always the best boost for your attitude and spirit. If everyone can't be together this year try to call or communicate with each other to stay in touch. If you are lucky enough to be able to be together then put away the electronic devices and communicate! It might be difficult at first but so worth it in the end.

Maybe volunteer at a non-profit to serve meals, hand out groceries, a veteran's home or help at an animal shelter. It can be any day, not just a Holiday. There is nothing like helping those less fortunate than you to remember how truly blessed you are. It's like being on an adventure out in the middle of nature, you will feel it not only to your bones but all the way to your soul!

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