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ROCKSOLAR Ready 200W Portable Power Station - Lithium Battery and Solar Generator




  • PORTABLE POWER STATION: ROCKSOLAR Ready is a very portable and powerful 200W power station.The Adventurer has a built-in advanced battery management system, that protects you and the devices you use with it from overcurrent.
  • MULTIPLE PORTS: The ROCKSOLAR Ready also has multiple ways to charge your devices with a variety of ports. It includes: 1*AC Output, 1*DC In, 4*DC Out, 1*Quick Charge USB Port, 2*USB 3.0 Ports and 2*USB C ports.
  • LARGE BATTERY, SMALL SIZE: This lightweight portable power station only weighs 5lbs, yet has a large 60000mAh lithium battery. The ROCKSOLAR Ready is easy take with you anywhere, whether by hand or in bag with its collapsable handle. At the same time, the device is extremely quiet. It has peak wattage of 300W. It also has a lifecycle of 1000+ charges.
  • QUICK RECHARGE: Whether your charging the Ready itselft or your devices you can expect a quick recharge. You can charge your device with the cable included using a wall output (100v-240v) or the included car charging cable. You can also charge the power station using a ROCKSOLAR 30W, 60W, and 100W Solar Panel (Sold Separately).
  • MORE THAN JUST A POWER STATION: Like other ROCKSOLAR power stations theres more than just a battery. The Ready has a LED Display to indicate the battery left, it also has duel LED light flashlight to light up the surroundings. Also has a smart cooling fan to prevent overheating. 


  • The Ready is a very powerful yet very portable power station, with its collapsable handle its great to take on road trips and store in your car or trailer.
  • Its also a reliable backup power source during power failures.
  • You can also charge a USB powered CPAP (10-12 hours) and a CPAP for 3 hours. You can also use with car kits, including lift jacks, air pumps or inflators, vacuums, and more.
  • Also power your business vendor stalls and outdoor market booths. Its also great for a remote work station as it can charge your phone up to 16 times and a laptop up to three times.
  • It also a great pairing with a ROCKSOLAR 60W Solar Panel, so that you can charge the Ready anywhere. reliable backup power source during power failures.


Built-in Battery 222Wh,20Ah/11.1V(equivalent 60000mAh,3.7V)
High-Quality Lithium-ion Batteries
Input Charging Adapter: DC15V/3A  Power station can be charged with 100-240V wall outlet (AC ports provide 110V output).
Solar Panel Input DC 13V~23.6V/2.5A Max
Fully Charged Time Adapter: about 11~12 hours
DC Output 4 x DC  Output 9~12.6V/10A/15A Max
2 x USB 5V-2.1A Total:3.1A Max
1 x USB 5~9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge3.0
1 x USB C 5~9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge3.0
AC Output 1 x AC Modified  SineWave Output
AC Continuous Output 200W
AC Peak Output 300W
Bulb Type 2 x Ultra Bright LED Flashlight/Blink/SOS
Work Temperature -10℃ - +40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃ - +45℃
Lifecycle >500 times
Multi-Safety Short-circuit protection
Over-current protection
Over-voltage protection
Low-voltage protection
Over-load protection
Over-temperature protection
Package includes 1 x Portable Power Station
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Car Charger
1 x Cigarette Lighter
1 x User Manual
Package Dimensions
Length (MM) 241
Width (MM) 128
Height (MM) 125
Weight  5.1LBS/2.3KG