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Worth Your Time & Trouble

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Worth Your Time & Trouble

If the fresh air and freedom you feel when you hike, bike, or camp isn't enough for you to get out there then consider the following. There are so many beautiful and unusual places to find and explore it's hard to chose. Do you love the sand dunes of the southwest, the plains of the north, the beaches along the coasts, or the wooded lands throughout our country? 

Do you prefer streams, rivers, lakes, or oceans? How many beautiful waterfalls are out there? Have you been to Multnomah Falls, Niagara Falls, Angel Falls, Tinago Falls and so many more? Do you know there are two perfectly round lakes in the world? Have you ever seen a pink beach? Imagine how stunning the following beaches are, red, orange, gold, purple, green, and black! There are even rainbow beaches! If you love camping or hiking on the beach pick which color you want to see and make a plan.

If hiking is your passion check out Angels Landing, the Appalachian Trail, Mist Trail, Half Dome Trail and many more. Be sure to have the proper equipment, first aid kit, map, compass, etc. Do your homework on which ones you choose.

Camping is always a great way to really see a particular area, either in a tent or a RV. Try Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park, White Sands National Monument, Glacier Bay National Park and the list goes on and on!

Last, but not least, is biking. There are several places to try but here are a few of the more popular. Blue Ridge Parkway, Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway, Big Sur Coast, Crater Lake Rim, Gypsum Hills Scenic Byway, Seward Highway and the list goes on. They are in different parts of the country and their treks vary so do your research.

No matter what your passion use your Friluftsliv spirit and get out there! It is SO worth your time and trouble! Please check out our collections and order what you need to help you on your journey! Hope to see you out there soon!


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