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Searching for a break

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Searching for a break

Many people are searching for a break from their busy and stressful lives. Camping and hiking are the perfect answers to that search. Are you buried in your computer and phones? Do you normally spend more time in your vehicle than with your children?  Slowing down, unplugging, and spending time in nature helps put so many things in perspective. Camping on a beautiful river or lake, hiking through a forest or up the side of a mountain will nurture your spirit and your soul.It will help you reconnect with what it truly important.

Social distancing is becoming part of our "new" normal, usually it's not a problem with camping and hiking. There is plenty of room for everyone. Finding a place to go may be a challenge at times but having several choices helps reduce that problem. You don't always have to travel far either. Take a look in the areas around where you live or within your state. I am sure there will be opportunities appear that you never knew were available. One of the best places to check out is one of your state's visitor's centers. You will find an assortment of advertisements for so many places to go that could start a whole new series of adventures for you and your group. The internet, of course, is always full of information too.

Growing up, the people in our family worked very hard to support and take care of everyone. Some of the happiest memories I have of them is when we all would go camping. Usually, we had several families that would camp together. Some would come for just the day, others would stay the whole time. But it's where I heard them laugh so often. They were all relaxed and just enjoyed being together and out in nature. So many memories of swimming, hiking, and eating together. Watching the fire flies at night, listening to the stillness at day break. The closeness you establish during those times carries through a lifetime, no matter how far apart you are. I wish these things for everyone!

At Camping Outdoors LLC we promote and support all of this with quality equipment and products. Out items will help your adventures be fun-filled and safe. We hope you are making amazing camping and hiking memories and continue to do so for many, many years. 

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