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Pack it In, Pack it Out

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Pack it In, Pack it Out

Seasoned adventurers are well versed in basic camping and hiking safety practices. Everything from fire safety rules, 'leave no trace', local regulations, to pack it in-pack it out need to be followed. Cleaning up after yourself should be something you do everywhere you go. From National Parks to your local hiking trail safety & cleaning  practices are a necessary part of the outdoor experience.At Camping Outdoors LLC safety is one of our top priorities. 

-One tradition we started on our family floats was to give each group a clean up bag to fill along the way. The group with the fullest bag at the end of the float either received a special treat or didn't have to help with loading when it was time to leave. This helped our younger generations to appreciate how people are supposed to function out in the wilderness. They also saw what it was like when they didn't!

Please make a point of teaching your younger generations the safety and cleaning regulations and rules. Hopefully, they will keep on passing it down and around. We, the animals, and our wilderness will benefit for years to come.

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