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Looking Forward to 2021

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Looking Forward to 2021

Looking forward to 2021 is something we all need to do! There were good events in 2020 but for so many the bad and the sad ones were more prevalent. As we move ahead and leave that time behind we are better equipped for the upcoming seasons in this new year.

To kick 2021 off with a jump start, we are shipping all ground orders free of charge this week. Take advantage of these savings before they end on Sunday, January 10, 2021. 

We are always discussing about making plans and being prepared but what the past several months has taught all of us is we also need to be flexible and have the determination to work through the changes that can affect every aspect of our lives. Camping and hiking can and will give you that break we all need from time to time. Having a Frilufsliv, an open-air life attitude from blog of 12-7-2020, should help any and all of us as we move forward. In the coming winter months take the time to walk or hike when the opportunity appears. It doesn't have to be for a weekend or even a long hike, just get out there and breathe! You also need to be planning your next camping adventure to make new memories in the New Year!

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