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Friluftsliv-A Lifestyle

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Friluftsliv-A Lifestyle

Camping and hiking have become even more popular this past year than ever before. The benefits to those who participate are many, your mind quiets down, your body relaxes and loses it's tension, and being surrounded by nature helps your spirit soar! With all the negative influences people are surrounded by during these difficult times of today this is needed more than ever.

A buzz word that is becoming more familiar is called "Friluftsliv". It is pronounced free-loofts-liv and is far from new. It comes from Norway and the mid 1800's and means an open-air life, no matter what the weather is. For many it is a lifestyle choice and for some it is ingrained in their culture. Some examples would be the nomads, the gypsies, or the travelers. No matter the weather means having the proper clothing and equipment to be able to Friluftsliv whenever the mood strikes.

Take a look at our collections and see what you need to be more prepared. Plan your next Friluftsliv, or adventure, today! Your spirit, body, and mind will benefit more than you realize!

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