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Fantastic Fall 2022

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Fantastic Fall 2022

Welcome to "Fantastic Fall" and the wonderful cooler weather makes it the perfect time to be Outside! It is the also the best time to be out hiking, biking, and camping for all of us. There are several places that the colors are showing up but for some of us the drought has done it's damage.  If your state has had record drought or record flooding be extra careful when you are out in Nature.  Some of the hunting seasons have started so be aware of where hunting lands are posted. 

We have several products that are perfect for hiking and camping but also great for tail gating and days at the sports fields. Take a look at our lanterns, our power stations, and several items in our collections that can be useful to you. We select excellent quality items that we hope our customers will use for years to come!

Thank you to Karen H for this Fantastic Fall picture. Take the time to be out and enjoy this amazing time of year! 


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