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Camping in the Heat of 2022

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Camping in the Heat of 2022

This summer has been unusually hotter and dryer than normal for most of us and that can really affect where and how we experience our outdoor activities. It is still amazing to be out in nature but with a few extra precautions to keep us and Mother Nature in great shape.

Definitely staying hydrated is an absolute must, no matter if your biking, hiking, or camping, everyone-including the pets-need to be drinking plenty of Water.  Taking breaks in the shade, wearing a hat of some kind, plenty of sunscreen And making sure you reapply will help keep everyone healthy and happy!

Taking care of Mother Nature during these times means being more careful and aware. Camp fires, controlled burns, any type of fire, can set off what may turn into an inferno. There have been several forest and/or wild fires this year that have burned thousands of acres, many could of been prevented. Please have several items on hand if you decide to build some type of fire, shovels, sand, water, and the list goes on.  Many places are under a burn ban at this time so be aware of local guide lines.

Several Outdoor Adventurers are hiking and camping near water to help beat the heat. Please remember that the local wildlife is also using that water resource. As ponds, small creeks, and other water resources dry up they will be moving to the more populated areas.

Please check our collections for items that can help you be safe during this heat wave such as our new camping lanterns. Have a fun, safe, and happy outdoor Adventure this August!

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