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Camp Sites Go Quickly Even in the Spring

Posted by Beth Tiefenauer on
Camp Sites Go Quickly Even in the Spring

As we near the end of March the weather is starting to turn into spring. The trees, flowers, and plants are all starting to bloom. I have even heard the sound of lawn mowers for the past few days. It's a wonderful time to be out in nature, it doesn't matter if you are walking, hiking, biking, or camping-just be outside!

For those of you that love to camp in a regulated campsite, whether it's tent or rv, you need to be making your reservations now. The seasoned campers already have, I am sure. There are some sites that still may be closed or only partially filling, add in high water from spring rains or melting snow and you are looking at fewer choice camping spots than ever before. Remember if you are hiking or camping by a river or a lake that holiday weekends are quick to fill completely. Some places have a waiting list from cancelations but not all of them. So figure out your plans and get those reservations made, if necessary you can always cancel if you have to.

Being prepared in early spring hiking, biking, or camping adventures means having rain suits for those pop up showers and warm clothing for the cool and cold nights. You will also need sunscreen and bug repellent as both can be ferocious at this time of year.

Please check out our collections to be ready for your next adventure. Don't lose your "friluftsliv" spirit! 

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